Measures Energy Flow
precisely and conveniently


BTU/Heat Meter is designed to measure the rate of thermal energy flow and total energy consumption in liquid heating and cooling applications. To know precisely the amount of energy extracted, rely on Adept BTU Meter. It measures parameters such as flow of the medium, and inlet & outlet temperatures. Net Heat Transfer  is automatically calculated by using this data of temperature difference.

Salient Features

  • It uses the most accurate Electromagnetic/Ultrasonic Flowmeter
  • All Flowmeters are factory calibrated to ensure highest accuracy
  • Matched pair of accurately calibrated Temperature Sensors
  • User-defined flow units for the Flowmeters
  • Displays instantaneous and totalised flow
  • User-defined units for Net heat Computing
  • Non-volatile memory stores data in case of power failure
  • Easy-to-operate keypad. Just 3 keys to select desired operating mode
  • Password protection for all programming modes
  • Computer interface to supervisory computer through RS 485 communication port


  • Commercial offices for tenant billing
  • Residential apartments for tenant billing
  • Cooling measurement in water-based systems
  • Leak surveillance of hot and cold water installations
  • Power and flow limiter with valve control
  • Energy measurement in open systems
  • Water and Waste Water management
  • Dredging Industries
  • Mining Industries

Product Selection Guide

Parameters Specifications
Power Supply 80 – 300 V AC/DC or 18 – 60 V DC
Flowmeter Size (DN) 20, 25, 32, 40, 50, 65, 80, 100, 125, 150, 200
End Connection DIN, ANSI 150, BS or Thread-end connection
Display 16 X 2 LCD
Operating Temperature 70℃ maximum
Inputs 4 – 20 mA DC from Flowmeter, Matched pair of PT – 100 sensors
Communication Protocol RS 485, Modbus RTU
Mounting Wall Mount
Accuracy ± 0.2% of reading
Enclosure Class IP 67


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