Ultrasonic Flowmeters are better than old mechanical water meter

High time you switched to an Ultrasonic Water Meters (and said goodbye to your old Mechanical Water Meter)!

By installing a water meter, you expect to know your water consumption periodically. Its precision is important as the water bill you pay is based on these readings. Also, periodically knowing the consumption helps you avoid wastage and control the consumption of this precious resource. Traditional water meters use mechanical movement to measure flow and thereby indicate the amount of water that has passed through the pipeline.
However, mechanical water meters have several drawbacks, such as

  • Short life span
  • May even measure air flow, resulting in erroneous readings
  • Readings are not very accurate
  • Causing pressure drop due to flow obstruction
  • Frequent maintenance is necessary
  • Use of strainer before the meter is necessary to protect the measuring element
  • Subject to wear and tear

An Ultrasonic Water Meter is a powerful instrument that effectively overcomes all such problems. Due to the use of advanced electronics, these meters are even capable of features like remote data acquisition.

Ultrasonic Water meter

Features and advantages of Ultrasonic Water Meter

  • Stability and accuracy - Long-term stability and accuracy over wide range of conditions
  • Minimum maintenance as they have no moving parts. High reliability.
  • Internal battery having life of a few years eliminates the need for power supply
  • GSM communication - Ability to transfer data from remote stations to the central server by sending periodic SMS eliminates the need for operator visit to site for taking readings
  • AMR (Automatic Meter Reading) function - Automatically collects consumption, diagnostic data from the meter and transfers it to the central system for billing, troubleshooting and analysing
  • Bidirectional flow measurement is possible and the meter does not contaminate the process fluid
  • Lower installation cost. No need to alter piping as no strainers are required
Ultrasonic Water Meter are useful where smart metering is required. In a water distribution network, knowing the exact consumption can yield higher revenues or reduce water losses resulting due to leakages. Greater awareness due to instant availability of readings can result in cutting down or monitoring water consumption.

So, what are you waiting for?
Be in line with the future.
Say goodbye to your Mechanical Water Meter and
switch to smart, digital, Ultrasonic Water Meter!

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