Adept Flowmeter in water network with SCADA & GSM - GPRS connectivity

Fresh water is a precious resource. Our industries rely on it to manufacture life’s luxuries and necessities. Without water, we wouldn’t exist. But, less than 3% of the world’s water is fresh.
We need to conserve water and monitor its usage to avoid losses. Adept understands the problem of metering and provides a solution in the form of AMR (Automatic Meter Reading) using GSM – GPRS System.
Adept Flowmeters at different locations can be monitored with central SCADA or readings can be obtained directly on mobile with the help of GSM or GPRS System. Even Battery Powered Flowmeters can be supplied with GSM – GPRS System to understand the consumption of water in remote locations. Public water utilities or large industries can have central monitoring of its entire water distribution network. This will help in understanding and regulating water usage and plug losses.